Friday, November 13, 2009


And for these, well, these belong in the dog museum if you ask me!

nagi noda dog hair hatnagi noda dog hair hat


Now that's what I call stunning! Nagi Noda you are amazing!
nagi noda rhino hair hatnagi noda mouse hair hatnagi noda pig hair hatnagi noda seagull hair hatnagi noda elephant hair hat

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why is this the sexiest 14 year old ever?

Whoror flick

Lets face it. sluttyween isn't going away anytime soon. And who wants it to? There will forever be that one day out of the year to get trashy retarded and shack up with a ssexy zombie. (so sexxy) Could life get any better? Probably not, but this movie came pretty close. 

Unfortunately Sam and I were apart on Halloween , but we did get to share a spook together one night. I mean, we really wanted to get all scary and shit so we decided what could be better than boozing up and gettin' freaky on a tuesday night? We packed up the ride with sj's and blankets, but couldn't find anything fuckin scary enough.

So, respectively, we said fuck it and went to the dollar theater to see a horror flick. We had the whole FN theater to ourselves which kicked ass. Ok so the movie starts and we are totally enjoying our private showing since we can sip all the sjz and cherry coke we want! So who better to play the sister that gets (pretend) roofied and sexed (while puking!) (BEST PRANK EVR!)than the amazing Audrina Patridge from The Hills? OK. we were in halloween heaven !  This movie was SO AMAZING! Plus, was that Rumer Willis? And that azn from real world? Shit it couldn't get any better. This movie totally depicted sorority life to a T! These bitches were hot, stupid, and filled our hunger for spook. Thanks Sorority Row!

Welcome Amazings!

So here's the deal sexxiez, Sam and I are going to get this turkey basted and in the oven soon.I know your mouths are all watering .yum. Don't fret! We've got soooooo much to say! Thank GOD for this shit.